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British Millinery  - International Women's Day 2024

British Millinery - International Women's Day 2024

On March 8th, International Women’s Day provided an elegant backdrop for honouring the remarkable achievements of women in the arts, science, fashion, business, and entertainment.

Hat Designer

Distinguished guests convened at Cliveden House for an exclusive presentation, where they were treated to an intimate unveiling of Vivien Sheriff’s exquisite Spring/Summer 2024 luxury hat collection. This curated assortment showcased opulent hats and headpieces tailored for various occasions, from sophisticated summer weddings to the esteemed Royal Ascot and the iconic Kentucky Derby.

The rendezvous unfolded amidst the resplendent baroque splendour of Cliveden House's French Dining Room. Offering panoramic views of the picturesque grounds, and blessed with a fresh, sunny, spring day, guests revelled in the luxurious ambiance of a room steeped in history.


Throughout the afternoon, guests indulged in a delectable traditional English tea accompanied by champagne, fostering lively discussions that explored the diverse styles and inspirations woven into Vivien's captivating new collection.

Designer Millinery

Vivien explained the strong influences behind her creations, sharing her founding passion for antique and vintage fabrics, and then expanding on the delicate balance of colour, shape, and form that defines her work. She provided an insight into the genesis of her career, recounting the pivotal moment when Selfridges bought her inaugural collection in its entirety.


Furthermore, she reminisced about the meteoric rise of the Vivien Sheriff brand, sparked by a transformative event when the then Kate Middleton, now the Princess of Wales, was photographed wearing a Vivien Sheriff velvet headpiece complimented by a tweed jacket during her maiden official engagement. This momentous occasion catapulted the brand into the spotlight, generating unprecedented PR and firmly establishing it as a quintessential pillar of British millinery.

Throughout the day Vivien was supported by her design and marketing team and was also accompanied by three high profile influencers: Leonora Smee, Kira Atikova and Irina Georgieva, who fully support the Vivien Sheriff brand values of sophistication, style and elegance.

A wonderful vlog, available to view on You Tube, which was created by, and features, Leonora Smee, gives a wonderful insight into the afternoon as hats and headpieces were tried on and modelled for the attending guests.



Luxury Women's Hats

Supported by her design and marketing teams Vivien expanded on how she approaches clients for a fitting and what she looks for when suggesting styles a client might wear. Firstly, the hat should be selected to complement the overall outfit, considering factors such as colour, style, and occasion. The wear’s face shape, hair style, stature and personality are also taken into account. The hat should sit comfortably on the head, with the brim tilted down to the right and the hat slight forward on the wear’s head. The hat should be positioned securely, avoiding any tilt or slippage. When wearing a brimmed hat, the brim should ideally frame the face without obscuring it, allowing for a flattering silhouette. Additionally, the hairstyle should be chosen to harmonise with the hat, whether it be neatly swept up or elegantly cascading around the shoulders.

Finally, confidence is paramount when wearing Vivien Sheriff luxury hat; the wearer should carry themselves with poise and grace, allowing the hat to enhance their overall presence and allure.

Vivien Sheriff welcomes clients to her Wiltshire studio for a personal fitting. Appointments can also be successfully carried out online.

You can easily book an appointment. 

This year Vivien has curated her spring/summer collection around the theme of 'All the Fun of The Fair.' She talked about the essence of the collection that is encapsulated in the vibrant hues, dynamic movements, and whimsical swirls reminiscent of the exhilarating atmosphere one encounters at a funfair.

The day was an extraordinary gathering of kindred spirits, leaving each attendee with visions of adorning a Vivien Sheriff hat at esteemed events such as a summer wedding, Royal Ascot, Glorius Goodwood, the Epsom Derby, Henley or other summer season events.