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The award winning Vivien Sheriff studio sits resolutely at the forefront of contemporary British millinery. Spearheading a renaissance in bespoke and acutely luxurious designs, this high-end millinery has amassed a suitably impressive roster of clients, including prominent members of the British Royal Family.

Vivien Sheriff’s Wiltshire studio is framed by acres of pea-green fields and troops of velvet pheasants, a setting which often filters down into the milliner’s undeniably English creations.

Over all else, the Vivien Sheriff brand evokes luxurious craftsmanship and expertise. As effortlessly stylish as they are, it takes weeks of unfaltering work to produce each of our extraordinary handmade pieces.

From their rural headquarters, some of the country’s most talented artisans translate signature designs into poignant statement pieces. Just as a painter will turn to watercolour or oils, this incredibly skilled team use sculpted feathers, delicate Swarovski crystaling, and hand-dyed antique lace to realise their daring visions.

To wear a Vivien Sheriff hat or headpiece is to embrace Britain’s long and distinguished millinery heritage.