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Luxury Hair Accessories

Luxury Hair Accessories

A few words from Vivien Sheriff...

Redefining the Art of Adornment.

"Having worn my hair long forever, unusual hair adornments have always been a draw for me. Through my travels to fashion weeks and designer exhibitions around the world, I have collected many beautiful accessories. However, finding an interesting hair accessory was a rare discovery with limited luxury options and few innovative designs on offer. Instinctively, it was my mission to bridge this gap by creating beautiful designer hair accessories…...ones that have a luxurious feel while remaining accessible.

I envisioned versatile designs that effortlessly complement a variety of hairstyles, from daywear chic through to evening elegance. This expansion naturally aligns with our brand's evolution, adding an exciting dimension to our product line. Today, I’m thrilled to finally share our vision and invite you to explore, experiment and enjoy Vivien Sheriff luxury hair accessories”

Yours truly,

Vivien x  


Crack the World of Elegance: A Guide to Hair Accessory Names: Part 1

Every hairstyle has a story to tell, and the right hair accessory can be the perfect punctuation mark. Our comprehensive guide to hair accessory names is your key to discovering the world of style and sophistication. Whether you're a fashion enthusiast, a hairstylist, or someone looking to elevate their hair game, this guide will open the door to endless possibilities.


Crowning Glory – Headbands, Halos, and Tiaras

The Regal Beauty of Headbands, Halos, and Tiaras

Headbands, halos, and tiaras are the epitome of elegance. These regal headpieces have the remarkable ability to transport you to the glamour of a vintage Hollywood starlet or make you feel like a contemporary princess. Learn about the different styles, materials, and embellishments that make these headpieces a crowning glory for any occasion.

Headbands: The Versatile Classic

Headbands are the timeless classics of the headwear world. They come in various widths and styles, from the simple and understated to the bold and embellished.

Annabelle  A larger size 100% wild silk dupion band, hand-wrapped in complementing two-tone colours and finished with a crystal encrusted star embellishment.

You can effortlessly incorporate a headband into your daily look, whether you're going for a casual vibe or a more polished appearance. These versatile accessories are perfect for keeping your hair in place while adding a touch of charm.

Halos: Ethereal Elegance

Halos are like a touch of ethereal elegance encircling your head. These headbands typically feature delicate, often beaded, crystal or floral, details that gently rest on your hair, creating an angelic effect. Halos are perfect for weddings, proms, or any event where you want to exude a soft and enchanting aura.

Astrid:  A crowning glory of crystals mounted on a dual band of 14-karat gold plate adorned with 6 exquisitely cut large crystal stars.


Tiaras: Royal Radiance

When it comes to headbands, tiaras are the ultimate symbol of royal radiance. These regal accessories are often adorned with crystals, pearls, and intricate designs that sparkle and captivate.

Tiaras are a fantastic choice for weddings and formal affairs, making you feel like a true queen for the day.

From Metal to Fabric

Headbands come in a variety of materials. You'll find metal headbands with shimmering rhinestones, soft fabric headbands with bows, and delicate lace halos, to name a few.

The material you choose can dramatically impact the overall style of your headwear, allowing you to select the perfect one for your look and comfort.

Embellishments: Sparkling Accents

Embellishments add a touch of magic to your headband. Gemstones, crystals, pearls, and of course feathers can be incorporated into your headband, creating a dazzling effect.


The choice of embellishments lets you personalise your headband, ensuring it enhances your outfit and the level of glamour you desire.

In Conclusion

Headbands, halos, and tiaras are more than just accessories; they are expressions of style and grace. Whether you're aiming for a simple, casual look with a headband or a regal appearance with a tiara, these bands have the power to transform your look for any occasion. Explore the various styles, materials, and embellishments to find the perfect hair accessory that speaks to your inner starlet or princess.