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Luxury Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Luxury Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Celebrating Seasons of Love - The Valentine’s Edit

Are you in search of a unique and effortlessly chic Valentine's gift that's a little different from the typical options like clothes, jewellery, lingerie, or perfume? Well, we might just have the answer for you.

There's no denying that the best Valentine's gifts are crafted, given, and received with love. A thoughtful expression of affection serves as a constant reminder of the giver and brings a delightful sense of joy to the recipient each time it catches their eye. What could be more perfect than a token of love that can be worn daily? It provides a comforting reminder of appreciation, care, generosity, and love.

Discover Vivien Sheriff's meticulously crafted gift that strikes a balance between romance, beauty, practicality, and thoughtfulness. A timeless treasure to warm the heart and to be cherished.

Special Valentines Gifts for Her

The answer is the Vivien Sheriff Cupid Luxury Collection : 5 stunning crystal and gold plated bobby pins. Perfect for all hair types and colours. The magic's in the detail!

Special Valentines Gifts for Her

Valentines Gift Set For Her

With these statement hair accessories, the humble bobby pin has been elevated to magical proportions! Choose from the exquisite range of Vivien Sheriff Bobby Pin Gift Box Sets  and match them to the personality of the star in your life.

 Valentines Gift Set for Her

Best Valentines Gifts for Her

Vivien Sheriff Bobby Pin gift box sets can be added to and mixed with a sumptuous Anneliese silk scrunchies complete with a crystal and 14-karat gold plated flower charm. Alternatively, make an even bigger statement with either the Alice headband in rosy, romantic pinks or indulge in the lavish red rosette layers of Ariana.

unique valentines gifts for her

All our super comfortable headbands are made by hand, wrapped in100% silk dupion and embellished with a single crystal and 14-karat gold plated star motif.

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